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just trying to find some peace of mind in this chaos we reside in.


it's getting lonelier by the day.
happy new year! may you be happy and healthy.

I’d do anything…”


“First comes love,”


You were, despite the cliché, swept off your feet. Reborn had an ability to alter your sense of gravity. Whenever he touched you, ragged breaths would escape your lips and sweaty palms would desperately seek anchorage. The ground would slip from under you and you’d be floating, drifting into soothing warmth.


A sensation you’d been close to savoring many times before—in relationships long gone. However, you never quite reached it. It always eluded you until you found him.


He was the one who finally drew you in.


“…then comes marriage,”


With the moon and stars as your witnesses, Reborn couldn’t have arranged a better way to step down on one knee and retrieve a small velvet box from his pocket. His hand, calloused from years of hardships, held yours delicately. You could distinguish tenderness in his normally steely eyes, a softness that only you could bring to him.


His mouth formed words that you’d long to hear spoken to you since he came into your life.


And you, a smile curled onto your lips, whispered two words he’d dreamt of hearing from you from the moment he’d realized he wanted to wake up every morning next to you, to return to a home with you there, and to always say “I love you” to you and only you.


Everything and everyone before were fillers in a grander scheme of his and your life.


With silver bands, vows, and the first kiss of many, Reborn and you walked into a chapter of your lives together.


“…then comes a baby in a baby carriage.”




Hunched over, knees to your chest, shoulders trembling violently, you clamped a hand over your mouth—muffling your strangled sobs and involuntary sniffles. You did not answer him. You were incapable of facing him, terrified to expose the wretched, broken state you were in.


“[Name].” Reborn walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your small frame. He enveloped you in his embrace, hoping to stifle your sorrow. Stroking your hair, he murmured softly, “Don’t blame yourself, [Name]. It’s alright.”


“A miracle,” you stammered, your voice full of shattered glass. “She said it would t-take a miracle, Reborn.” You began to tremble more vehemently. Your chest was as heavy as lead. Breathing was a burden. Thinking was torture. The truth clawed through ribs, sinking into your heart, reminding you again and again of an impossible dream.


Reborn pulled you onto his lap, rubbing up and down your arm. “Shh,” he spoke gently, “It’s alright, [Name].” Holding your face, he tilted your chin to look straight into your eyes. “We’ll keep trying.”


“B-but, Reborn, she said—.” Reborn pressed his lips to yours, smothering you in his essence.


“It doesn’t matter,” he murmured against your lips, caressing your cheek. Wiping a stray tear from your eye, he smiled lovingly. “[Name], I don’t mind having only you in my life.”


You could feel a swell of warmth within your bosom, invisible claws retracting steadily.


“R-reborn, I am sor—.”


“Don’t. I don’t care about such a thing as continuing my line.” Reborn pushed strands of your hair that’d fallen onto your face behind your ear. “I have you. That’s enough.” Kissing your forehead, he held your face in his hands, gazing into your eyes with such certainty and faith. “And if you want to have one, there’s one thing we can do.”


Blinking blearily, your eyebrows arched and nose crinkled as Reborn’s lips curled at the corners. Placing a chaste kiss on your lips, he chuckled airily.


“We’ll make a miracle.”


“…just to hold you in my arms; to try to make you laugh.

a lullaby // reborn x reader
so... i decided to edit and upload some of my stories i had originally published on my quizilla account under the same username. ah... this was one of my favorites. hope it's alright.

• icon does not belong to me.

• khr character does not belong to me. 

• plot does belong to me. please do not plagiarize.

• comments are appreciated.
hello. i've never been tagged before so it was a nice surprise. i was tagged by the lovely :iconvanilla-cherryxii:


1) You must post these rules.
2) Answer the ten questions provided by the tagger and make up questions for those you tag.
3) Choose ten people and put their icons on the journal.
4) Go to their pages and tell them they've been tagged. *
5) Not something stupid like 'You have been tagged!' * 
6) Must tag 10 people.* (i don't know ten people on here...)
7) No tag backs.
8) No saying 'no tag backs'
9) Everyone who has been tagged must write a journal entry.

* means i will not be performing these rules

answering FaiOtaku's questions:

1) What's your favourite anime genre?
        my favorite anime genre(s) would be action or drama. 
2) If you could request one new emoji to be made, what would it be?
        i would request an eating emoji to be made because i love food. 
3) Favourite Youtubers?
        i'm subscribed to many... a few favorites include ochikeron, danisnotonfire, and IIsuperwomanII.
4) Jellyfish, Whales or Sharks?
5) Benedict Cumberbatch or Benedict Cumberbatch?
        ...he's okay? i'm neutral regarding him.
6) What's one thing that terrifies you?
        high places.
7) Butterflies, Pandas, turtles or bees?
8) Would you be my Tumblr buddy?
        i'm sorry. i don't have a tumblr.
9) Have you ever dyed your hot chocolate/Milo pink using food dye?
        no, i haven't.
10) Do you like to write in blue pens, black pens, other coloured pens or pencils?
        yes. i actually have a strong weakness for pens and pencils. i love writing in different colors.

my questions:

1) what is your favorite current song?
2) what is one thing that brings a twinkle to your eyes at its mention?
3) pepsi or coca-cola?
4) why did you join deviantArt?
5) do you prefer writing, drawing, or reading?
6) what is your favorite current anime or film? 
7) summer or winter?
8) what do you notice first when you first meet someone?
9) where would you go if you decided to study abroad?
10) chocolates or flowers?

my tags (i apologize for any inconvenience...):

:iconbrokensilver: :iconrubu-chan: :iconpurpleandgreenjewl: :iconsilvermushroom409: :iconnyxtsuki: :iconsierra-gone-da: 
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: riptide - vance joy
  • Reading: birthday cards
  • Watching: haikyuu!!!
  • Playing: n/a
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  • Drinking: water

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