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just trying to find some peace of mind in this chaos we reside in.


you don't understand loneliness until you're away from family and friends in a place where you hardly understand the language and culture.
chúc mừng năm mới.

happy lunar new year! may you have happiness, success, and love.

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“Just as soon as you get a chance…”


Shizuo embraced you.


He traced the features of your face, his fingers ghosting over each curve with feather-like touches. His brow was furrowed into a crease. His lips pulled into a thin, tense line.


With every ounce of will-power he possessed, Shizuo concentrated on everything at once. Your reddening cheeks (though his face was no better). Your fingers busily tangled together; slightly shaking (his own were clumsily touching you). Your eyes staring at him under your lashes, pooling with unhinged emotions (he wondered what you saw in his). You were so beautiful. So lovely. He nearly wanted to sob because you decided on him. You chose him.


Under sweaty skin, Shizuo’s muscles tensed, crying for release. Adrenaline pumped through his veins. His body roared to unleash his impulses. But… He didn’t want to let go. He wanted control over all his desires. He needed to ensure that he wouldn’t accidently lash out whilst lost in his overwhelming condition. ‘I don’t want to hurt you…’ he thought to himself, closing his eyes momentarily.


After taking a few ragged, long breaths, his hands began roaming downward, unlatching the buttons of your blouse. As he freed the last one, his eyes locked onto yours. Both of your faces were flushed, trembles coursing through both of you.


As he pressed his lips to the crook of your neck, shivers tingled across your body involuntarily. You wrapped your arms around him, hiding your expressions in Shizuo’s soft tresses. A miniscule smile worked its way onto Shizuo’s face. ‘So cute…’ His lips traveled to your collarbone, his fingers lingering at your waist. He wanted to do so much more. It was all too achingly slow. His senses were in frenzy, tugging from end to end and telling him to move faster. However, he didn’t want to cause any unnecessary harm. So, he retaliated and urged his limbs to calm down.


His inner conflict reflected within his sepia irises. You could see it. You could feel it. His kisses were subtle, gentle. Every touch was measured and strenuous. Any push of force was quickly retracted.


When a shaky moan escaped your lips and your hands gripped onto Shizuo’s shoulders tightly, his body became rigid and his fingers stiffened.


With eyes widened, Shizuo halted his ministrations.


Removing himself from you, he looked you over—staring guiltily at you. His back was slouched; his hands fisted; his expression marred with contempt. Not for you. Never for you.


He felt ashamed of himself.




Crawling over to him, you placed yourself onto his lap despite his protests. You held his face, forcing him to look at you. Your thumbs rubbed gentle circles on his cheeks, attempting to soothe his worries. He shakes his head, mumbles of apologies leaving his mouth. Gazing into your eyes, Shizuo’s eyebrows rose in astonishment as your lips tugged upwards into a smile. There was no accusation or fear or pain in your warm orbs. Only adoration.


You laced your fingers with his and whispered, “I trust you, Shizuo”. Placing firm kisses to his forehead and cheeks, you softly uttered, “I know you won’t hurt me.” Connecting your lips to his longingly, you led his arms to your waist and circled yours around his neck, holding him close to you. “I love you, Shizuo.”


“I-I… I love you too, (Name)…”


His arms tightened around you. His breath shuttered as he returned your kisses with ones along your shoulder. His movements were more fluid than before. Slight tremors still remained—from nervousness rather than apprehension though.


You smiled.


“Then, show me how much you do.”


All at once, everything was warm.


“…love me.”

gently // heiwajima shizuo x reader
ah. i'm still editing/uploading stories i'd written on my quizilla account. 

this was definitely one i enjoyed writing. i always loved shizuo's character for some reason. 

icon does not belong to me.

• drrr character does not belong to me. 

• song lyrics is from pretty please (love me) by estelle ft. cee-lo

• plot does belong to me. please do not plagiarize.

• comments are appreciated.
happy valentine's day, dears~ may love find you in any or every good, healthy form you deserve.
hello. i've never been tagged before so it was a nice surprise. i was tagged by the lovely :iconsailor-galaxy:


1) You must post these rules.
2) Answer the ten questions provided by the tagger and make up questions for those you tag.
3) Choose ten people and put their icons on the journal.
4) Go to their pages and tell them they've been tagged. *
5) Not something stupid like 'You have been tagged!' * 
6) Must tag 10 people.* (i don't know ten people on here...)
7) No tag backs.
8) No saying 'no tag backs'
9) Everyone who has been tagged must write a journal entry.

* means i will not be performing these rules

answering FaiOtaku's questions:

1) What's your favourite anime genre?
        my favorite anime genre(s) would be action or drama. 
2) If you could request one new emoji to be made, what would it be?
        i would request an eating emoji to be made because i love food. 
3) Favourite Youtubers?
        i'm subscribed to many... a few favorites include ochikeron, danisnotonfire, and IIsuperwomanII.
4) Jellyfish, Whales or Sharks?
5) Benedict Cumberbatch or Benedict Cumberbatch?
        ...he's okay? i'm neutral regarding him.
6) What's one thing that terrifies you?
        high places.
7) Butterflies, Pandas, turtles or bees?
8) Would you be my Tumblr buddy?
        i'm sorry. i don't have a tumblr.
9) Have you ever dyed your hot chocolate/Milo pink using food dye?
        no, i haven't.
10) Do you like to write in blue pens, black pens, other coloured pens or pencils?
        yes. i actually have a strong weakness for pens and pencils. i love writing in different colors.

my questions:

1) what is your favorite current song?
2) what is one thing that brings a twinkle to your eyes at its mention?
3) pepsi or coca-cola?
4) why did you join deviantArt?
5) do you prefer writing, drawing, or reading?
6) what is your favorite current anime or film? 
7) summer or winter?
8) what do you notice first when you first meet someone?
9) where would you go if you decided to study abroad?
10) chocolates or flowers?

my tags (i apologize for any inconvenience...):

:iconbrokensilver: :iconrubu-chan: :iconpurpleandgreenjewl: :iconsilvermushroom409: :iconnyxtsuki: :iconsierra-gone-da: 
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